This website is an archive of material relating to the two eras of the Dumb Blondes band. 

Even though it was way back in 1978 when the 'Original' Dumb Blondes first formed and 1984 when the metamorphosed Dumb Blondes split-up, the band are still very much talked about and to this day still gain new interest from around the world, hence the making of this site.

The 'Original' Dumb Blondes as they were initially called were a punk-glam-rock band that never had a major record deal, never toured extensively and never made a phenomenal impact on the music scene.

However, what they did achieve for four young men from the east end of London was to be heard and noticed!

They gained a large following amongst the punks & rockers and at one point were the most talked about band in London which gained them huge interest from other bands and from record companies alike, EMI being the predominant who compared the band to the  New York Dolls who had surfaced from America six years previous.

The 'Original' Dumb Blondes line-up of Jeff, Pete, Freddie & Phil were soon put into

De Lane Lea studios in Wembley by Ronnie Beck of Feldman/Trident Music who were also the publishers of Queen. 

Queen I and the soundtrack to Flash Gordon (1980) were recorded here along with most of the demos for Queen II.

The six songs that the band recorded in De Lane Lea can be found on the Video/Audio page.

In 1980 Phil Collen left the 'Original' Dumb Blondes to join another London based post-punk glam-rock band called Girl and then in 1982 joined Def Leppard.

Freddie Ball also left in 1980, it was then that Jeff & Pete decided to drop the 'Original' from the name to simply the Dumb Blondes.

It was now the 'New Romantic' period and with the addition of three new members the band's sound changed accordingly from punk-glam-rock to a more keyboard orientated sound of the time.


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The 'Original' Dumb Blondes  -  1978

Pete Webb, Phil Collen, Freddie Ball & Jeff Hepting


Pet Roleum, Phylis, Pinky & Jean Harlow

Photo ©Al Walter

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The Dumb Blondes  -  1980

Pete Webb, Graham Garrett, Jeff Hepting, Paul Mason & Andy Tompsett

Photo ©George Bodnar

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The 'Original' Dumb Blondes

Music Machine - Camden, London NW1


The Dumb Blondes

Music Machine - Camden, London NW1


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